Patient Participation Group


The Patient Participation Group (PPG) is a small number of volunteer patients, cross-sector, who bring the patient view to Abbeyview Surgery. Our aim is to encourage a positive relationship between the wider patient community and the surgery staff, both medical and administrative.
The PPG, including a Senior Partner and the Business Manager as well as the patient members, meets to discuss areas of mutual interest and plan how, by working together, we can help promote health awareness and communication.

• Planning and supporting educational events – Dementia, Carers, Diabetes, Respiratory, Bowel Disorders, Mental Health (and Heart Disease planned next)
• Input into service developments – resulting in innovations which have greatly increased access and service improvements such as telephone call backs, promoting use of the patient on-line access system for appointment booking and repeat prescriptions, supporting Children’s Services development
• General Practice Awards – Collaboration with Patients and Other Providers Award, November 2018 – national winner. Judged by NHS England
• Actively involved in developing the Carers Quality Award. This is still being used as the gold standard for supporting Carers throughout Lincolnshire.
• Dementia Café & Focus Group – PPG members supported this initiative alongside members of Practice Team, Crowland Cares and Tonic Health.
• Supporting the Practice with Quality Audits by Clinical Commissioning Group.
• Supporting the Practice with patient communication – Facebook, newspapers articles, delivering fliers and posters.
• Identifying subject matter for patient surveys, running the survey, analysing the results and then working with the Practice to improve any areas identified for improvement.
• Setting up the Facebook Group Abbeyview Surgery PPG to provide more information about the Surgery

We welcome your comment and feedback particularly if you feel that there are issues of the service which would benefit from review. Please note we do not deal with patient complaints.
Put a note in the Suggestions Box to be found in the Surgery Waiting Area